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Gavita Gavita Master EL2 Controller   Gavita Master EL2 Controller   The Gavita Master EL2 Controller from Mon.. Category: Anvils Product #: cc_ec_093 Regular price: $299.95 $$299.95 Available from: Monster Gardens Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Gavita Master EL2 Controller

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Brand: Gavita
Product Code: cc_ec_093

Price: $359.99 $299.95

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Gavita Master EL2 Controller
The Gavita Master EL2 Controller from Monster Gardens has a main and auxiliary channel which may follow each other or be alternated. Optimize your power utilization or run 2 rooms with the light alternating every 12 hours.
Product Details:
The Gavita Master EL2 Controller has two outputs for optional ECMs (External Contactor Modules). These contactor units are industrial grade and can switch a load of up to 15 amps during day or night cycles. Using the ECMs you can switch between all of your peripheral devices. 
The Gavita Master Controller adjusts multiple ballasts when switched on at the same time to diminish the inrush current load on your system. Boost or dim up to 80 ballasts at once from one unit and be in complete control. 
Easy plug and play installation and clear 5 language interface is so intuitive it just uses 5 buttons. Replaces timers and contactors because you can plug the Gavita e-series ballasts directly into your main outlets. You will not need to use timers or contactor boxes ever again.
Larger grow rooms will see a cost reduction by using the Gavita EL Controller because of the electricity saved during the startup and shutdown sequence. The cost savings also include timers, lighting controllers, contact boxes. 
Sunrise and sunset time settings ramp up or down your lights at the start or end of the cycle. The master controller is equipped to automatically shutdown based on high room temperature to prevent catastrophic crop failure. 
The Gavita EL controller can act as a climate controller by dimming your lamps during high heat cycles to control power usage and protect your equipment and prevent damage to your gardens during a ventilation failure.
The difference between EL1 and EL2:
The Gavita EL controller series both feature auto-dim, auto-shutdown, sunrise / sunset setting, and timer. The difference is that EL1 has one output channel, while the EL2 has 2 output channels and additional outputs for External Contactor Modules and alarm contacts. 
(For one room without auxiliary equipment or alarm contacts, the EL1 is the best choice for you. If you require switched auxiliary equipment during lights on / off, alarm contacts and/or a 2 room 12/12 setup, the EL2 is most suitable.)

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