PureCrop1 Concentrate, 1/2 gallon (makes 32 gallons)

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PureCrop1 Concentrate, 1/2 gallon makes 32 gallons  FIFRA 25(b), Clean Green, EPA green certification, non-hazardous “0” Osha rating, biodegradable, safe on skin, zero residues.  Direc...

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PureCrop1 Concentrate, 1/2 gallon makes 32 gallons

 FIFRA 25(b), Clean Green, EPA green certification, non-hazardous “0” Osha rating, biodegradable, safe on skin, zero residues.


  • Apply PureCrop1 with an atomizer or other low-micron (<50) misting system
  • Treatment: 2oz. per gallon every 2-3 days
  • Prevention: 1oz. per gallon twice per week/as needed
  • Shake well after mixing and before every use
  • Thoroughly spray leaves and vines – including under leaves from start to harvest
  • Best results are achieved by spraying early morning and late evening

Unique Value Of PureCrop1:

Use PureCrop1 for treating and preventing issues causing crop damage such as

two-spotted mites, russet mites, broad mites, thrips, fungus gnats, root & leaf Aphids,

whiteflies, botrytis, powdery mildew, red blotch, fusarium wilt and downy.

  • All natural wetting agent used to for increased coverage and effectiveness
  • Improves the plant’s tolerance to extreme environmental conditions
  • Enhances the natural pest and disease resistance or systemic acquired resistance (SAR)
  • Improves a plant’s photosynthesis
  • Improve soil structure and water holding capacity by increasing sugar conductivity
  • Improves a plant’s sap electrical conductivity and pH for more efficient production
  • Improves quality, flavor, and elimination of toxic insecticide pesticide residues
  • Improve storage periods and shelf life of plants, fruit, and vegetables
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Improves seedling vigor for better overall germination success
  • Increase crop yield
  • Shorten crop growth cycles due to greater plant efficiencies


Provide farm workers with a safe non-hazardous and non-toxic environment, from

planting through harvesting. Zero mask or gloves required. Safe for use by humans and

animals, while being beneficial to the environment. An all-around safer and more

productive means of increasing crop production than is available from GMOs

(Genetically Modified Organisms).


Valuable Crop Specific Formulation:

Eliminates the use of antiquated toxic pesticides or insecticides. Increased purity, health,

and yield of agricultural related crops and plants are realized. Extremely cost

effective; all sizes from 16 ounces to 5,000-gallon tanks.

The Agricultural industry is our food supply and the vast majority of the crops are testing

positive for pesticide, insecticide and herbicide residues. PureCrop1 provides a safe,

proven valuable formula in replacing toxic pesticides, insecticides or microbial additives.

PureCrop1 increases the overall purity, health, and yield of agricultural related

crops. The PureCrop1 liquid formula is the solution to increasing Prop65 legal issues and

associated fines regarding toxic crop control chemicals and health hazards.

PureCrop1 is exempt under FIFRA 25) b Federal Regulations.

(The formulation has been successfully tested on Fusaruim wilt, botrytis, white powdery

mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, white flies, aphids, russet mites, along with broad and

two-spotted mites and other insect/larvae issues, whereby after treatment, the problem is

effectively controlled or eliminated. PureCrop1 leaves zero toxic residues and is safe for

humans, pets and the environment.)

PureCrop1 is a proven highly effective natural dynamic insect/fungi crop control,

bio-stimulant and foliar formula able to accelerate photosynthesis and the

production of sugar, which is a basic function of all plant cellular systems.

PureCrop1 is made from all natural plant extracts, and all ingredients are on the FDA

approved GRAS and EAFUS list of food products.


The product is non-hazardous with a “0” hazmat rating and is quickly biodegradable and

safe on skin, clothes and around animals. The unique PureCrop1 nano-particle, robust

micelle colloidal chemistry can be used on all forms of plants and agricultural crops.


Derived From Renewable Resources:

PureCrop1 is derived from renewable plant-based materials such as nuts and seed crops.

Our products do not contain petroleum distillates or synthetics; including artificial

foaming or thickening agents, builders, reagents, dyes, fragrances or microbial

ingredients. PureCrop1 is truly an environmentally superior product and delivers

significant benefits to the professional farmer or anyone growing plants or crops.


How Does PureCrop1 Work?

Plants, humans, and animals, in essence, are electromagnetic and governed by the

Periodic Law and Table. In photosynthesis, plants require radiation from the sun plus six

molecules of water and six molecules of carbon dioxide in order to make one basic sugar

molecule and six molecules of oxygen. We know that plants emit oxygen into the

atmosphere during the photosynthesis process. Plants use that one molecule of basic

sugar as the ‘foundational building block’ for everything that we see growing above and

below ground - producing roots, branches, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit or grain.

Because the basic sugar molecule is so important to the entire equation of plant growth,

when we increase sugar production in plants with PureCrop1, it will have a major impact

on plant production, yield and quality.


The Science Behind Our Products:

PureCrop1 is a formulation of advanced developments in colloidal chemistry, which make

it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a micelle. The micelle is comprised of

a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters and fatty acids, clumped together in the

shape of a sphere that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms - or about one to four

nanometers. The action of a single micelle is multiplied by billions of other micelles and

is explainable in part by the electric action created by the energy of billions of tiny

micelles. Sick, dead and broken-down cells are attracted to the colloidal micelles by

electromagnetic force, as iron is attracted to a magnet. The colloids then internalize those

cells, and they are eliminated, the system meanwhile continually adapts to what it needs

of the colloids. The chemistry is, in essence, a form of natural quantum physics.


The PureCrop1 superior quality micelles are created as a result of a process in which

natural ingredients, including corn & palm oil, fatty acids, organic alcohol and amino acids

are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences to create new particles

called "colloidal micelles." The nano-sized emulsions offer advantages over conventional

problematic toxic chemicals such as reduced application rate, more rapid and reliable

activation and extended long-term effects. The PureCrop1 chemistry is also superior, safer

and offers many advantages as compared to the microbial bacteria or enzyme products on

the market today.


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